Day 1 – Perth CBD

Enjoy the sights at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth’s CBD Perth CBD to Kings Park      1.5 km (driving for approximately 5 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: Kings Park Panoramic views show off the heart of the city, attracting locals and visitors alike. The park spans 400 hectares and sits alongside the central business district. Appreciate the

Day 2 – Caversham

Meet the animals at Caversham Wildlife Park Perth CBD to Caversham Wildlife Park 13 km (driving for approximately 25 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: Get up close and personal with Australia’s furry, feathery and scaly friends atCaversham Wildlife Park. There are around 200 species of native wildlife at the park. Take our word for it; you’ll want to

Day 3 – Swan Valley

Indulge all your senses on the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail Caversham to Swan Valley 12 km (driving for approximately 10 minutes) Perth CBD to Swan Valley 30 km (driving for approximately 36 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: Handmade chocolate, pure honey and signature wines. Is your mouth watering yet? Do you taste buds a favour by

Day 4 – Mundaring

Lake Leschenaultia in Mundaring Dayton to Mundaring30 km(driving for approximately 25 minutes) Perth CBD to Mundaring 48 km (driving for approximately 50 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: If you have a green thumb, you’ll feel at home surrounded by 168 hectares of bushland in the nature reserve at Lake Leschenaultia. This is the perfect spot for a picnic,

Day 5 – Hilarys

Aquarium of Western Australia (Hillarys Boat Harbour) Mundaring to Aquarium of Western Australia 49 km (driving for approximately 50 minutes) Perth CBD to Aquarium of Western Australia 23 km (driving for approximately 25 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: Did you know that Australia’s oceans are some of the most biologically diverse in the world? It’s never been more

Day 6 – Fremantle

Do time at Fremantle Prison, followed by ale and pizza! Hillarys Boat Harbour to Fremantle Prison 44 km (driving for approximately 44 minutes) Perth CBD to Fremantle Prison 23 km (driving for approximately 25 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: Take a trip back in time to see what life was like for convicts locked away in Fremantle Prison

Day 7 – Rottnest island

Take a fantastic ferry to Rottnest Island from Fremantle Hougoumont Hotel to B Shed Ferry Terminal at Victoria Quay 1 km (driving for 3 minutes) Perth CBD to B Shed Ferry Terminal at Victoria Quay 23 km (driving for 27 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: We doubt you’ll regret taking a day trip to Rottnest Island (nicknamed “Rotto” by locals)

Day 8 – Penguin Island

Meet the penguins, dolphins and sea lions on Penguin Island Fremantle to Penguin Island Ferry in Shoalwater 35 km (driving for approximately 43 minutes) Perth CBD to Penguin Island Ferry in Shoalwater 57 km (driving for approximately 47 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: Imagine spending the day feeding penguins, meeting rare sea lions and drifting over limestone reefs

Day 9 – Cottesloe Beach

Take a dip at Cottesloe Beach Rockingham to Cottesloe beach 37 km (driving for approximately 45 minutes) Perth CBD to Cottesloe beach 13 km (driving for approximately 24 minutes) HIGHLIGHTS: It’s sacrilegious to visit Perth without strolling down the white sandy shore at Cottesloe beach. For more than a century, locals have spent their weekends soaking